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June 8, 2013
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TH: Hideo by pianorei TH: Hideo by pianorei
Yaaay I got in
Application for :icontachikawa-high:
Please excuse my last minute application, it's 3 a.m. and I think I am dying at the moment and I have to rewrite everything because I erased it @w@;;; I migth edit a little in the morning when I'm not brain-dead.


Sano Hideo 佐野秀雄

(To be filled in later)



First year


- Cold weather
- Air Conditioning
- Autumn colors and Halloween
- Books
- Animals (cats in particular)
- Staying indoors
- Spicy and sweet food
- Baking
- Rain and storms

- Scorching weather
- Too much sun (gets sunburns easily)
- Cantankerous people and pessimistic ideas/views
- The sight of blood or gore
- Bitter or bland food
- Arguments and continuous fighting

|Shy| |Brazen| |Introvert| |Generally Optimistic| |Perceptive| |Curious| |Intelligent| |Clumsy|

Hideo is an introvert and is extremely shy around new people, which is why he is generally quiet. He's also the type to blush easily and tends to be anxious when he's uncomfortable in his location. After he makes friends, he is still very in introverted, but his personality shows a lot more around them. He is very optimistic and tries to keep everyone in a good mood, whether he's succeeding in doing so, or not. This also causes him to act brazen at times, where he is very blunt and will answer straight-forwardly. He also is very sensitive to taste, which makes him an extremely picky eater. Hideo despises foods that tastes insipid or has too much flavor.
He is also very intelligent in the reading and science departments considering they arouse his interest the most. Otherwise, he's basically average at his other subjects.

Hideo was born into a fairly-wealthy family. His mother worked in the law career field and his father was a well-known doctor, so they hardly spent time with him. He's the youngest of the two siblings and was cared for by his older sister while their parents were at work. He always stayed at the house and read books with his sister or explored the backyard as an adventure. He became very nervous and shy around new people due to the fact that he never left their house until he went to primary school, where as, he still had hardly any friends. This is how he became very close to his older sister and was the most comfortable around her.

When he was in middle school, he moved out of his parents house to live with his sister instead. Since his sister was also in the working class at this point, he was often home alone. He became more interested in reading non-fiction books and historical articles with new and interesting facts about the world. On rainy days, he would often sit by the window and read.

Usually when his sister came home, Hideo helped her with cooking and chores. He had a slight paranoia of being useless and felt he was obligated to help anyone who needed it. He focused more on cooking than actual chores because there weren't many chores to do since only two people were living in the household. He also received many scars from burning his hands multiple times since he was forgetful and accidently grabbed hot pans without turning down the heat.

Even though Hideo is extremely shy, he still attempted to make friends throughout middle school. He wasn't exactly popular, but he was well-known for scoring well on his history exams. A lot of times he didn't have to start conversations because many people were familiar with his names and would bring up a topic.

Additional Info:
- He rarely gets sick and usually has perfect attendance
- He has very mild ADD but takes medication just in case
- He doesn't like sports because he's not very good at them
- He wears contacts

"Is there anything I can help with?"
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